Shirakawa-go’s beautiful, World Heritage recognized landscape is home to gassho style houses, traditional Japanese inns, and hotels to suit any visitor. In total, there are more than 40 different options for accommodation.
By staying in a traditional gassho style guesthouse, visitors can experience the simple practicality of ancient Japanese life. Characteristic features include rustic roof beams, tatami flooring, and traditional sunken hearths.
Additionally, you can enjoy the local specialties and unique dishes that make up Shirakawa-go’s regional cuisine.
In terms of other accommodation choices, rooms are available both with and without meals, and some guesthouses provide dormitory beds. In all cases, reservations are required.
The accommodation listed here is limited to those that can provide information and bookings in English, by phone or fax. It is also possible to book accommodation using sites such as “” or “tripadvisor”.