Toyota Shirakawa-go Shizen Gakko1

Last Updated:October 14, 2016

Standard hotel rooms are available. Easy-to-use accommodation for all visitors.


A focus on warmth and relaxation, with hotel-grade accommodation, natural hot spring baths reputed to be good for the skin, and French cuisine prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

Visitor’s Guide

Name Toyota Shirakawa-go Shizen Gakko
Address 223 Magari, Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture.
TEL +81-5769-6-1187
FAX +81-5769-6-1287
URL Official Website
Prices Adults from ¥10900
Capacity 100 people
Number of rooms 31 rooms
Accepted payment methods Cash/C/Card
* Please understand that the current situation may differ from the above information.