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Last Updated:October 14, 2016
The observation area at Shiroyama castle keep is one of the best places to overlook the gassho style houses gathered below in the settlement of Ogi-machi.


The Wada residence, with its massively distinctive gassho style gables, sits in the center of the scene, surrounded by seasonal nature. The quiet atmosphere of Ogi-machi gives visitors the impression of gazing out over a fairy tale landscape. This point gives a slightly different sense of the landscape than that at Ogi-machi Castle Ruin Observation Area.

Visitor’s Guide

Name Tenshukaku (castle keep) Observatory
Address 889 Ogi-machi, Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture.
Admission Free parking & entry
Additional Information Although open free of charge to the public, the observation area is private property. It is not a public facility. Please use it with consideration.
* Please note that the above information is provided for reference. There may be cases where it differs from current information.