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Last Updated:October 14, 2016
Ogi-machi Gassho Style Village spreads out across the landscape below this observation area, the view is exceptional. It is the best point for photography lovers.


Access to Observation Area

Ogi-machi Castle was a typical medieval mountain fortress erected on the high ground to the northwest. There are two courses to reach the observation area, one climbs a gently sloping path from the east of the Wada Residence gassho style house, and the other enters from the expressway around which houses cease along Route 360. The location offers a slightly different sense of the landscape to the Tenshukaku (castle keep) Observatory.


Ogimachi Castle Site Scenic Lookout

The Ogimachi Castle Site Scenic Lookout affords visitors unimpeded views over the village of Ogimachi, the central settlement in Shirakawa-go and part of the “Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama” World Heritage Site. The landscape that spreads out beneath the hilltop lookout is dotted with gassho-style houses characterized by their steeply slanted, triangular roofs, and makes for an impressive sight throughout the year. Looking out over the village, visitors will notice how most of the gassho-style houses are built in a north-south direction. This was done both to maximize the amount of sunlight received by their thatched roofs and to protect the tall, narrow structures from the strong wind that usually blows through the Sho river valley from either north or south. Any gassho-style houses not built in a north-south direction are likely to be ones relocated to Ogimachi from elsewhere. 
Also evident from the lookout is the relative lack of flat, arable land in the river valley, which is another distinguishing feature of Ogimachi. Unable to subsist on agriculture alone, the local people adopted sericulture, or silkworm raising, as their primary source of income during the mid-Edo period (1603–1867). Gassho-style houses became popular mainly due to their suitability for sericulture, for which their well-lit, multi-level attics were ideal spaces.

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Visitor’s Guide

Name Ogi-machi Castle Ruin Observation Area
Address Ogi-machi Castle Ruin Observation Area, Ogi-machi, Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture.(Google Map)
Rate Free
Additional Information More information on the departure and arrival location for the observation deck shuttle bus can be found here.
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