For countless years, Shirakawa-go has been nestled in the bountiful nature of the mountainous areas and lush beech forests at the feet of the sacred Mt. Hakusan.

Centered on the UNESCO world heritage site of Ogi-machi, the “World Heritage Area” contains a number of gassho style houses preserved in their original form since around 1800. In this area, even today, people continue their daily lives, surrounded by the uniquely beautiful scenery. Since each tourist office offers information such as walking maps and places of interest, they make for an ideal first stop upon arrival. The “Southern Nature Area” around Hirase is a hot spring region where you can enjoy the simple purity of nature. The hot springs at Oshirakawa are particularly popular with women, renowned for their beautifying effects on the skin and also known as “Kodakara no Yu” (fertility baths). Travelling between the “World Heritage Area” and the “Southern Nature Area” takes about fifteen minutes by bus or car. Whether visiting the gassho style houses of the world heritage site, or relaxing body and mind in the hot spring baths, we hope you will enjoy your time in Shirakawa-go.