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Shirakawa-go Hirase Onsen Hidagyu Suttate Nabe Hot-Pot
(abbrev. Suttate Nabe)

Last Updated:October 14, 2016

The Appeal of Suttate Nabe

Origins of the local dish, suttate

“Suttate” is local specialty dish, prepared by mixing stone-ground soybeans with a miso and soy-sauce-based broth. It gained popularity at celebrations and Buddhist ceremonies in Shirakawa-go. Suttate nabe is a uniquely delicious dish that was created by the locally organized “Shirakawa-go Hotpot Group” to share the taste of this local cuisine with a wider audience.

A variety of textures producing a harmonious dish

Thinly sliced vegetables produce a crisp texture. Certified, Shirakawa-go sourced, cloud ear mushrooms add a soft but crunchy consistency. These textures intertwine in the mouth with that of the rich soup, creating a deliciously enjoyable harmony.

The tender deliciousness of Hidagyu

An essential addition to the “Suttate nabe” hotpot is the Hida region’s specialty, Hidagyu. The meat’s rich and mellow fragrance is further enhanced and sweetened by its cooking in the suttate hotpot.

Japanese National Hotpot Grand-Prix

Japan holds an annual hotpot-themed cookery competition. “Suttate nabe” claimed its debut Grand Prix victory in 2014, and continued its strong performance by winning the runner-up prize in the 2015 competition.


It is also offered at various inns and restaurants around the village. However, reservations for the dish may be required, and it may only be available at certain times.